Video time length limit??

Something stops the video at just under 5 minutes. I’m using the sd card that comes from DJI. Video cache capacity set on auto. Any thoughts?

Is the video recording stopping or is the video being split into separate files?

It does restart on it own, which I’ve thought had something to do with what is going on.

If by restart you mean the video is being split into multiple files, then it sounds like your videos are probably reaching the max 4GB limit. Videos larger than 4GB are automatically split into separate ~4GB files. There is no way to prevent that split from occurring.

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Does this only apply to the Mavic Air? Doesn’t do this on my mp. And what part of the system is limiting this feature?

This occurs on all DJI drones. Does it on my MP, MA, P4P and I1.

That has been my experience too. I’ve seen a few people mention they could exceed the 4GB limit in other forums, but most people say they cannot.

Fortunately, if you have a video editor it’s a simple matter to stitch the two files together to make one video. I’ve heard you won’t even lose a frame if you have a P4. But I know you lose a few with a P3. I don’t know about a Mavic… Good luck

Thanks for all the insight people, I’m a least pointed in the right direction.