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Video compression


Still new to this. How do I compress my drone videos so I can email them to my friends?


Bottom line is, you can’t really. The file size is far too large. And even if you could it would be un-watchable quality wise. Your best bet is to link a You Tube site and send them the link to view, or use Google Drive or Drop box and share that link.


If you don’t need to share the videos as-is straight from the memory card, then upload them to YouTube and email the link to the video. For sharing the videos right off the memory card, you could use a free file sharing site like Dropbox.


I agree with Mari and Dawg. I’m asked the same question almost weekly, as far as emailing videos. Just can’t be done without have a very poor quality video not worth watching. Links/Dropbox are the answers.


You can use Adobe Media Encoder to re-encode at a lower bit rate, but it sounds like for the type of sharing you are doing you won’t want to invest in the Adobe Creative Cloud to get the encoder app. Sharing on YouTube is probably your best bet to share with family and friends.

I shoot a six-minute video of construction progress every week. They want to keep the UHD resolution video, but I re-encode it at 10-Mbps to cut the file size from ~1.6-GB to 380-MB so they can play it on any computer internally.



That is still far too large for email (350mb)l. As I mentioned before, for such a seemingly simple process, it won’t work for emails. That was really what the OP wanted to know. I can do the same thing with free editing software.