Vibrating gimbal

After calibrating the gimbal, the motor with the camera starts vibrating up and down a lot. No error is written. Please help how and what to do with it

Was all working fine before you calibrated the gimbal?

If so, why were you trying to calibrate the gimbal?

If not, please provide the entire backstory so we can understand the issues you’re trying to overcome and what caused them.

I took out the gimbal and checked it runs smoothly. It doesn’t say any error. It happened that I crashed the original gimbal and broke it. I bought a new one and changed the camera. I installed it and it worked perfectly. But the image was blurry, so I took the camera apart and cleaned it. After reassembling it happened. I replaced the PTZ cable. all to no avail. I tried to film it.
Thanks for any reply

Thank you for those details!

It sounds like you might have done one or more of the following:

  • Installed incompatible non-OEM parts
  • Installed a damaged replacement part
  • Did not replace the parts correctly
  • Damaged something during the repair process

Few DJI drone owners are replacing parts like these. And it’s very rare to find someone who repairs DJI drones helping with issues in their spare time in forums.

I think you’ll likely get the quickest help if you either contact a repair shop for help (maybe some will give you advice for free) or send your drone to a repair shop to be fixed.