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Using DJI Assistant 2

Hello All,

I’m new to drones and new to this forum. I bought my first drone, the DJI Mini 2 and have been flying it a lot. My question is this; I downloaded and tried to use DJI Assistant 2 (consumer version), in order to retrieve the flight logs, I can’t open the DAT files which I downloaded from the aircraft to my laptop. Can anyone help with this?
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There is flight log viewer (DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help) but highly recommend using to view your flights logs once you’ve synced after each flight.

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Thanks Rob, but do you have experience with DJI Assistant 2 ? and can you help with my question about opening a DAT file?

Only DJI can read the DAT files on the aircraft. They are deliberately encrypted.

As mentioned, DAT files are now encrypted. I only use DJI Assistant when doing FW updates. I tried doing all those extra steps of downloading more extra software to try and process the DAT files, just more unnecessary steps and headaches. I resorted to AirData to view my flight logs now.