Uncontrollable Flight Behavior on Low Battery with DJI Avata

I am reaching out to report a concerning issue I’ve experienced with my DJI Avata drone. On two separate occasions, the drone has exhibited uncontrollable flight behavior, specifically when the battery level was low. The most recent incident occurred yesterday when, despite having some battery charge left, the drone suddenly flew away approximately 30 meters from its original position, and I was unable to regain control over it.

This erratic behavior is worrying, especially since it involves the drone flying off without any input from me. It’s important to note that both incidents occurred under similar conditions, with the battery indicator showing low but not depleted charge. I am concerned about the safety and reliability of my DJI Avata, particularly in situations where losing control could lead to property damage or personal injury.

I kindly request your assistance in addressing this issue. I am looking for guidance on the following:

  1. Is this a known issue with the DJI Avata, particularly under low battery conditions?
  2. What steps can be taken to prevent this from happening in the future?
  3. Are there any recommended firmware updates or calibration procedures that I should perform to enhance the drone’s stability and control?
  4. In the event that this is indicative of a hardware malfunction, what are the procedures for having my drone assessed and repaired under warranty?

I have not hears of this but you do not mention how “Low” is low… When receive a Low Battr Warning, my drone is jsut about to land. I know several folk who push the Low Battery percentage donw to zero, just for “Bragging Rights” that their droens can fly on a dead battry…

Can you share that flight log so we can see the behavior you described?

You can find instructions for locating your TXT flight logs here.

Wow thx! I will get to it and check what really happened. Actually my son flew the drone. But I have seen it operating uncontrollably once without low battery. Flight log will help. Thx