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Unable to Connect to Fly or Litchi apps

Previously flown mini now wont connect to camera views. Tx and drone function/connect, the only variable may be a new usb mini to usb c cable. Is there that much difference between cables? I don’t remember what cable I used when it was previously flown successfully and new usb cable is good quality.

I had a problem initially getting my Mini 2’s RC to connect to my phone with the short cable. I thought my phone must not be compatible. BUT Ultimately I discovered two important things.

  1. Be sure to connect to the ‘live’ USB connection on the RC, the one on the right. There is a similar connection just to its left that is not a connection at all.
  2. I discovered that my phone had accumulated a tiny amount of debris - blue jean dust, probably - that was just enough to block the cable from the RC from making full, positive contact with phone. Use compressed air from a can, the kind normally used to blow away crap under computer keyboard. Avoid poking in there with a paperclip.

Thanks, but the mini rc/tx only has one micro usb port and thats on the left. Regards the second, other connections work; such as to pc.

I had similar problems on my mini, for me it was the cable. Some are charging cables and those didn’t work on mine.I had to buy this cable and it finally worked.
“Micro USB Transfer Line for DJI Mavic Air 2,Mavic Air 2 Accessories Controller Cable Fits Android Tablet”)].on Amazon, it solved my problem my problem.

Make sure your new cable is a “DATA” cable and not a “Charge only cable”.
Charge only cables will only let you charge a device through them, whereas “DATA” cables allow for charging and data/video transmission through them.
It’s either a bidirectional cable, or a cable that the data/video transmission runs the correct way, eg FROM micro USB to USB C direction.
Hope this helps.
“Micro USB to USB C DATA cable” is the one you want, according to your description.

Please see link below as example.