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Twitchy Phantom Pro 4 Gimbal

My Phantom 4 Pro, after a crash now has a twitchy gimbal. It continually goes from left to right. Everything else seems to be okay. Any Idea where the problem lies? I have inspected super closely and seem no damage to the gimbal at all. Thanks, Craig

My Phantom 4 recently started doing that and I started losing video signal after updating the Firmware from .0700 to latest “greatest” .0810. I can’t refresh .0810 or upgrade (technically revert back) to .0700 which was fine. DJI had me send them the drone to check out. My bet is they will call it a hardware problem and charge me way too much to get me flying again.

Depends on your definition of “way too much”… we have used DJI repair about a half dozen times now and find they are extremely reasonable… and what you get back is a “refurbished” (read good as new) drone - completely shattered Obsidian when the spotter failed to tell our PIC there was a palm tree coming up while he was doing a manual orbit… cost: $185 and 10 days later a brand new drone… for this reason we dont take out any insurance or care refresh…