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Trying to find my lost drone


Two days ago, I had a terrible misfortune.
While I started a flight in ideal conditions, suddenly there was a strong wind.
Although I activate the “Go Home”, but… it could not turn back, because he had strong wind…
So the drone flied away and I lost it 2,065.5ft long…
I following the Find My Drone, immediately, and search till the sun was done… but nothing… I have tried again today, for +5 hours… nothing again…
So, I need your help…
This area, which gave its last signal, is very difficult to access, with many trees … and steep slopes.

In Log file I can see that the last signal was at 11 meters, while his speed was 4.2 m/s and vertical speed was 1.6 m/s.
Also, I take a look for the wind direction and speed for that hour and was 5 Beaufort ( +/- 30 km/h) south, southwest…
So, what you think? How many meters long and in which direction should I look? I mean based from the last signal.

Bellow, you can see the Log analysis :

Thank you very much for any help!


First considering the fact that you were giving the aircraft full down throttle and full forward elevator when the data stream ended, I would suggest that you crashed in to the trees very close to the last know position.

Someplace in the Area of the Yellow Circle would be a starting point, if all the above hold correct.


Thank you so much.
I will try to find it, based in your analysis, tomorrow morning.


finally, I found the drone 6 days after I lost it…
The drone was in an excellent situation and, after 2 days, relaxing in… rice, now is back, healthy and strong…: :slight_smile:

just for the record, the drone was in… wrong place… was +/- 70m north-east, from the last signal…
looks like the wind was “win the fight” and the drone was gone where the wind wanted… This is the last minute video, before the shutdown…


Glad you located it. Of coarse I could only use an approximation without wind data, but it sure looks like the winds were pretty strong, judging from the trees.



Good grief!!! And he flew into that wind from home?


when the flight started it had a very good weather… when the wind started, I was trying to get it back but it was impossible…