Trouble Activating Drone after getting back from DJI Repair

I sent my drone in to DJI for repair. The Gimbal was hanging up on startup to the right side. I could nudge it & it would work fine for the shoot, but would repeat the same behavior on the next startup. Sooo…3 1/2 weeks & $300 some dollars later, I got the drone back.
Apparently, they replaced it as their prerogative & I had to “Bind” it to my controller using the buttons on the remote controller & (which I didn’t have to do with a loaner Phantom that I got from my employer) .
Then the software requires that I “Activate” my Mavic 2. When I get to what appears to be the 2nd to the last screen in the process it prompts my account (which is right) and has a blue “Activate” button at the bottom. When I press that button it goes from blue to gray & fails to proceed.
Oh, and by the way, the controller insists there is “MAG INTERF…CHECK APP”
I have tried shutting everything down & restarting in various sequences with the same results.