Tried and true Phantom 3 Pro drops from the sky...

Above is my log from a stunning 15 second plunge straight to earth. I have flown Phantom 3’s for 5 years now, and this is the third time one lost power with no warning, and crashed. Curious if I am the only one.



I can answer this one in two words. Bad Battery.

Yep, easy one FD!
The fact that there is no more data recorded after 17.6 seconds of flight time with the AC at 99.7 feet and supposedly climbing says total loos of power. Even after just 5.4 seconds at 4.6ft cells 1,2 & 4 were below safe power level and a second letter cell 3 joined them!
Didn’t you see any warning on the RC regarding battery levels? Easy safe landing from just 6 feet at that time!!

No warnings whatsoever. I have been flying this bird for over 4 years, and nothing like this has happened before now.

5 year old batteries, could be getting a bit tired?
Surprised the App didn’t warn you, do you have the battery condition displayed on the App? What was the battery condition, how many times charged?