Tracking your drone?

UAS tracking
More drone tracking regulations possible.
Me? I don’t agree.
I’m actually looking at other drones just to fly without all the restrictions that my DJI makes me confirm all my actions.
Do I abide by all the rules? sure. I just want to fly and enjoy without more restrictions or tracking

Remote ID would assist the FAA, law enforcement, and Federal security agencies when a UAS appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where the drone is not allowed to fly.

That sounds like an okay thing to me. I’m for anything that will help prevent new rules from being created as a result of the actions by the minority that are breaking the law.

It’s just one more nail in the coffin
There’s too many rules already.
I can’t even take off in my backyard because of a small airport 2 miles away and a wildlife refuge all along the colorado river
Some planes that fly over the house are way less than my 400’ limit.
I don’t turn them in.
When everyone keeps agreeing to more rules the next thing you’ll have is them taking your drone away for good.

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Simply put, if you don’t like the new tracking proposal, then your argument needs to be something more than “There’s too many rules already”.

The tracking proposal has nothing to do with why you can’t take off within 2 miles of an airport, or not able to fly recreational in a protected wildlife reserve.


I didn’t say the tracking proposal has anything to do with take off.
there’s too many rules already since i can’t even fly out of my own backyard.
I don’t need someone to now track my every move
Are they going to come after you when they think you’re flying out of LOS?
How about when you go over 400’?
If everyone hear abides by all the current rules and regulations, which I’m sure NOBODY has broken any of the rules, then there’s no need for tracking.
But there are still bad apples out there which haven’t even registered their drone so rules will always be broken.
How will tracking work with the bad apples?
This is how i see it, if the police put a tracker in my car and I went over the speed limit, I would get a ticket everyday just like everyone else.
If you say you never speed then I guess you never broke any drone rules.

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Big problem when drones are flying near the wildfires out west. All fire fighting planes have to be grounded until the drones are stopped. I have no problem with the registration or most no fly zones…and I hate regulations by the government