Track not showing in Flight Log Viewer

In this flight log there is no track (green) showing on the map.
When I first uploaded it, the track was there but now it’s gone.
Is there a setting somewhere to make the program show it?

In lieu of that, just download the KMZ and load it in GE. Like this: ( Or make your own from the .csv )

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That’;s the one, thanks. Just wondered why it disappeared!

There’s some kind of bug in my log viewer. It’ll display as expected if you do not rename your TXT file before uploading it. I uploaded it again here.

Good Point…That will make a difference possibly…

Yep, it’s what resolved the issue for me. I didn’t look at the code yet, so I’m not entirely sure why renaming the file causes it to break.

Ah, I did rename the file!!! I’ll put it back and see if it also reverts to the full display.

I have now uploaded the original file and all is well!