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To Tab A or to S6 lite - that is my dilemma!

I’m new to flying and this is my first OP thread so admins please move this if I’m not in the correct category - have a Mini 2 and love it, so much so I’m already looking to add the Air 2S so I can use it when not at home (I’m near an airport) - what I don’t love is using my Galaxy S8 to fly with (screen is small for my old eyes LOL).

I’ve read a lot of the threads here, and other articles I found on the line (movie reference for you buffs lol), and thought I decided on the Tab A 8 last night but now after thinking, probably too much, about what I read, see the RAM may be a limiting factor. Being a new pilot I’m extremely cautious as to not hit anything but read a couple comments stating the video lagged and drone crash was the end result, something I’d like to avoid even though I have replacement insurance.

So I ask you your experience with either or both tablets - again, not wanting to crash is our ultimate goal when flying. I wanted to keep the price point around $200US but if it means better response and not crashing (due to video lag) I can justify the extra money.

I’m an Android fan, not at all familiar with apple products and do not have any intentions of commercial work, strictly recreational flying.

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom.

I use Tab A T295 for my mini 1 for almost a year now and it works just fine. You may have to install the APK manually by downloading them first into your tablet. Aside from DJI Fly, I have Dronelink, Litchi and Red Waypoint which doesn’t work well.

Thanks SQC - no lag in your live flight video while flying? I read that here and want to be certain it’s not a regular thing.

I haven’t experienced any lag so far but I almost never fly in urban areas with wifi signals all over the place. And I only fly within visual range.

I use an apple iPad mini 4. You can’t go wrong. No spam is allowed on apple products and it makes a difference. I’ve had 2 mimis. I left the first one on the roof of my car and lost it to the highway. I just purchased another 64 GB mini 4 for 148.40 total price including tax and shipping. DJI makes their drones with a preference for Apple tablets. I’ve owned Android products and the amount of spam them all the time really annoyed me. So, my 2 cents. I currently own 3 DJI drones plus a GoPro Karma. Cheers!

I got the Pixel 3XL. It was $122 for a used one on eBay. The display is amazing, no lagging, no additional hardware needed, no fatigue because tablets are much heavier, and it’s quicker to get up and running. The PIxel 3 xl I mean just blows away the Lenovo M10 tablet I was using which was kinda sad being the tablet was brand new.