Time stamps in KMZ file

I noticed that the KMZ file created by the online viewer doesn’t contain any time information. Can this be added? Does the offline flight reader create KML files with time data?

No, they are currently using identical formats.

Do you have a sample KML file that contains the time so I can see what you need?

I tried to upload a sample KML file from my old Phantom 2 several years ago, but the forum won’t allow it because I’m a “new user”.

You can email it to me at mike@phantomhelp.com.

I started to answer this the other day but figured @msinger could give a better one. Just to ask the question, if you are looking for flight time integrated within the GE KML profile, to me, this would utterly clutter the GE View of the flight. The flight time is recorded in 100ms intervals. You would need to specify a much larger gap for the GE view to be legible. You might be able to get away with 1 min intervals, but that would still fill the view. JMO…Peace.

Here’s an example showing the KML feature @tsurt was asking about:

While possible, it would totally replace the way the current KML works. If anything, I think it would make more sense to generate a second KML that includes that time slider. Also, I’m not sure how many people would end up using it since it works kind of like the existing slider beneath the maps in my log viewers.

OK, I understand. Because I have been accustomed to using the Google Earth time slider with all of my Phantom 2 KML paths, I expected to be able to trace the flight path the same way with my new Mini 2. I agree that your log viewer provides this function and I thought that it might be easy to add time to your generated KMZ file. If it’s not of interest to others, please ignore my request.
Thank you for having a look at it.