time offset between video and flight record


When I watch recorded video and review flight record, I see time offset between video and flight record.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1 belongs to flight record from phantomhelp and figure 2 is from the video. Figure 1 and figure 2 indicates same where. You can see it looking pole and a small building beside it. Flight record says time is 13minutes and 26seconds. However, video record says it is 12minutes and 19seconds. Why there is almost 1minutes difference between flight record and video? Video recording starts imediatelly after start motor, so they should be almost synchronized. And it is weird, this offset increase always. At the start point of video, there is not offset maybe until 1-2 minutes. However, then it starts to increase. I also see some times are missing. For example, there is 13minutes 56seconds and 1miliseconds but there is no 13minutes 56seconds and 2miliseconds, it goes to 13minutes 58seconds and 4miliseconds dirrectly.
here the Flight Record

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That map view does not display all available flight log data. If you open the CSV file linked below the map, you’ll find the missing data.

That is right, when I download as csv, there is no time offset as much as I mentioned. However, unfortunatelly some times there is jump but not too much. For example 0.1s - 0.3s.

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The CSV file shows all data available in the flight log.