Thrift attack house drone lost

Sir.My house is attack in theif I have lost my Mavic Mini combo ineed to your help how know in this location SN.1WGDGAX312SK2K
EAN: 6958265192784
UPC: 190021338876
Sir please any information please contact in this email

If it was stolen, probably not any way to track it electronically unless you have a very powerful tracking device attached to it.
Good luck and hope you get it back.

Sir tell me powerful track

Tell me sir powerful tracking app

@Starz is suggesting you might have been able to track it down if you had a 3rd party tracking device attached to it. Since that wasn’t the case, you’re out of luck.

Got homeowners insurance? If so, contact your insurance company to see if they cover such losses.

Sorry for not seeing this sooner. Yes, a separate and 3rd party tracking device was my thought.