there was some trouble

Hello friends

I joined you last week with the DJI Mini 3 Pro. There were some problems. First of all, I think there is no platform where there is plenty of content and malfunctions. I could only find it here, I read all the titles about, but I have problems like this, if anyone has information, I would be happy if they share it.

Today the drone crashed into a tree while flying and fell hard to the ground. There is no GPS Module error. Then I showed it to a technical service. The hinge of the left rear engine arm is broken, we replaced it with the original one. After that, we placed the GPS Module socket and the device worked. There are no faults in the engines. It took off no problem, but it has a ground clearance problem. It pulls a little to the left. In other words, when the drone is on the ground, it appears at a height of 1.5 meters when it is at the zero point. Is there a way to calibrate this? What exactly does the calibration with DJI Assistant calibrate? Then I tried to connect DJI Assistant via USB, but the device didn’t work. There is no reaction. When I plug it into the charger, the lights turn on, the button functions, the lights change when I press it, but the device does not turn on. What should I do? Where is there good quality that I can show in Turkey, what can I do in this case? I would be very grateful if you share your knowledge and experience on these issues. The 3-day drone turned into a 3-year damaged allele. Too expensive, I want to save.

I like this web site and it was one of the first ones I found several years ago when I first started flying. However, there are other web sites too that those members might actually have experienced your issues and a quick search of their postings might solve your problem.

I would also recommend you check out these two web sites. Now, I am not saying there are better, only different. Remember, this is like when yu have an illness and the doctor tells you what the treatment is and you ask for a second opinion…

Good luck!