The SD MMC Tweezer/Removal Tool is EXCELLENT!

@msinger I remember seeing a thread on mavicpilots about this, and I of course looked and looked for various tools to do this. They aren’t out there. - But the ones you sell are EXCELLENT. I picked up four of them to have in my bag and a few of my cases. Love it already. A simple, but effective and useful print!! Thank you!!!

I got a laugh from the posts of people saying you need to share the file for free, lol. Made me laugh. They have no idea how much you have done for the drone community or what kind of energy it takes to do what you have accomplished.

Anyways, I’m getting off track. The tool is EXCELLENT and I will never fumble removing a SD card ever again. Great stuff!!

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Thank you for your feedback on my Micro SD Card Removal Tool. I love using mine too :slight_smile:

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They really are great! At this point with the amount of drone gear and accessories I have, I feel like I have reached the luxury phase. A tool for every conceivable need. : )

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I had that problem removing the SD MMC but for $0.49 I solved it. Purchased an eyebrow remover. Does a great job.

Hope you did not spend more than $0.49, the eyebrow remover tool works great.

Tried that first and did not care for it. Every penny well spent, loving the tool I bought.