The new Update for the Mavic Air

Hi I have noticed that some Andriod Tablets will not update to the latest version of the DJI-Fly App 1.1.6
I have a Lenovo 4 850f Tablet which runs 64bit android 8.1 which I have been running DJI-Fly on since the Mavic Mini came out when I tried to update it to the latest version 1.1.6 recently it let me load it onto the tablet but would not update the app. It kept reverting to Version 1.1.5. .On further investigation, I got a comment on my Lenovo 4.8 that it was no longer supported. It appears DJI have decided not to support some Android Tablets anymore. So before buying a new Andriod Tablet I would make sure the App will load and run on it.

I had the same problem with my Lenovo Tab 4 10.1. Downloads but will not install. 1.1.5 still works. I am sad that DJI doesn’t work better with Android. Thank Heaven it works with my Android phone. I’m considering getting a ipad mini 4, but wish I didn’t have to.

Since the full apk is now available from DJI’s website, you can download it from there.

DJI Fly- DJI Download Center- DJI

At the DJI Download Center, learn and downloadDJI Fly

The link is still labelled as V 1.1.5, but the file server will offer you V 1.1.6 to download. It will be named 1597032400479-DJI-v1.1.6-200730-823-44394-official-sec.apk, file size is 244MB on disk.