the motor blocked and the drone fell, there are no birds nearby, no obstacles

My mavic mini is 3 months old, the other day I flew as usual (rose to a height of 500 meters), there are no obstacles, no birds, there were no warnings about a strong wind, suddenly there is an inscription motor blocked. I think that no objects could get there for sure, as a result, the drone fell at a speed of 60 km / h on 3 motors, the camera gimbal is broken. By the way, a week after buying a drone, I had the same thing, but at that time the drone remained intact (I thought that it crashed into a bird and it was my fault), but this time there were no birds. Please tell me which of the motors is faulty (if so) and whether it needs to be replaced (all the motors are working normally and I don’t know which one is faulty). Will the warranty help me? Could a part of the drone have fold from a gust of wind? Is it my fault? I see that new users can’t upload files, can I send a .dat file to your email? Thanks.

Really?? That said, upload your .txt log first to this link: and share a link to the upload back here. We can look at the .dat after an initial look. I see that the flight record was stopped, I think it’s due to the fact that the drone was upside down but the image is still shown. I recorded a fall on video but it also ends before the fall.

This (Almost) looks like a lost prop scenario. However, you generally do not see a motor blocked message. At ~464 seconds you released full forward elevator while still applying full down throttle. The aircraft pitched up to stop as it normally would. Approx 2 seconds later the attitiude oscillations began and the aircraft began to tumble and spin out of control. The .dat contains the motor data which would be helpfull. You are looking for FLY0019.

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I am a new user and can’t add an attachment, so here is a link to Google drive, thank you for helping me


Had a look at your DAT file.

Out of the blue a “CRAFT CONTROL FAIL”, motors spinning down, front right for longest period but still rotating. Craft starts to spin ofcourse.
After while motors are ON again, but during recovery for few seconds at a time roll angles above treshold value : thus all motors forced to stop!

Motor block message is shown even when motors are spinning at low rpm, dji should change this message or treshold value.

No idea why the craft went out of control, seek advice at DJHI support, imo a warranty claim.

PS compass calibration start of this flight shows weird behaviour, line in the chart so be equal to each other. But app said cal OK.

00475.406 | 07 m 55.4 s | [L-RC]CRAFT CTRL FAILED!!!
00477.404 | 07 m 57.4 s | [L-RC]CRAFT CTRL FAILED!!!
00477.705 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-FMU/MOTOR]TILT OVER (65.0) FOR (4.0) SECS WHEN MOTOR IS ON
00477.705 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-FMU/MOTOR] STOP. REASON:ROLL OVER OR ATTI FAIL
00477.761 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-FMU/MOTOR]TOTAL START TIMES: 1. TIME: 478.82
00477.761 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-PWM]SET ACTUATOR MODE:IDLE
00477.761 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-N_MIS]REQ ABORT ALL FOR MOTOR STOPPED
00477.761 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-FDI][CTRL]: FAULT OFF. HEIGHT_CTRL_FAIL
00477.761 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-FDI][CTRL]: FAULT OFF. TILT_CTRL_FAIL
00477.761 | 07 m 57.7 s | [L-FMU/FSM]STATE CHANGED. CUR: MOTOR OFF


Unfortunately, I found out that I bought the drone from an not official supplier in my country, so to get repairs under warranty, I need to send the drone to the manufacturer. I think it will be cheaper to fix it without warranty. Tell me, do I need to change the engines, and what should I do to prevent this from happening again?

have no idea how this happend, so cannot give you any advice to prevent this from happening again

Fly_Dawg, can you advise me what to do so that the drone doesn’t fall down again?

Im afraid not. As @JJB mentioned this one is quite odd and inconclusive.

Perhaps you hit an aircraft- 500m is too high to fly your drone!