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Take off rolling drone

I bought the drone used, an accident has occurred in one motor housing, cracked. The motors running fine and no errors on display.
When I try to go take off, the motor with the cracked housing and the propeller wants to bury itself in the ground, no lift and the drone rolling left/forwards.

I really don’t know how to handle this, I’m aircraft mechanic something tells me that the pitch isn’t quite right.

Anyone who can help me is very grateful for that.

Maybe this helps for reading the log.

We found the problem with helping hands of Phantom-pilots.
The big beginner mistake, installation of the props. Two black and two silver props has mounted on the motors with same color axle.

Be sure for proper install, now everything is OK and go`s straight upwards. Reading the manuals, I read…but too fast :upside_down_face: