Tablet compatibility/effectiveness with DJI Fly App?

This site has a great list of tablets and their effectiveness with Go4, but now that I have the MA2, I am thinking about what I can find on a budget for a tablet that will run Fly. My Galaxy Tab 4 is simply too old!


I have been using an IPad mini, it works great.

Hi Peter, which generation? I am probably leaning towards apple, I primarily use an iPhone now, but I have some android devices, so it could go either way.

I am using the new iPad ver 5. It works well and the screen ls so much better then my iPhoneX. I have had no command control or video problems at all. You need a product like a Mavmount to hold the iPad.

Reason I’m here . . . have spent hours trying to get Fly (for my new MM) onto my Samsung Tab A. Despite updated software and much etc etc, no joy. Yet this is “only” a 4 YO model! Have already ordered a Lenovo Yoga and hope it will work with Fly, but if not, back it goes.

What’s confusing is that DJI Go4 loads w/ zero problems, but can’t get Fly onboard. What BS!