Sync multiple drones & controllers?

I have two mavic pros and two remote controllers. Can I sync both drones with both controllers?

You can, but each drone can only be linked to one remote controller at a time. If you want to fly a different drone, you’ll need to relink the remote controller.

You can certainly connect two remotes to one Mavic Pro, (Primary & Secondary), for Buddy Box training and/or dual operator (aircraft & camera), but you can not simultaneously connect two Mavic Pros to one Remote Controller, unless you have the Mavic 2 drones and the DJI Smart Controller with the latest Update v01.00.0530 (must use DJI assistant to update) which now has added the ability for “Aircraft Management” under settings to add the complete Mavic 2 series drones on one controller to switch between - if you’re lucky enough to have a Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Enterprise, and a Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, all at the same time. That would be quite the hanger.
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