Suddenly fall like a brick.

It happened in 3 min after I take off. 140m from home point, 150m height. With 17 sattelite, 50% battery.

It was totally out of controI, RC shows disconnected, I could only watching it falls into little forrest, i searched by the ground and from sky, but untill now I can’t find my drone yet…

DJI said, “The record ended without any sign of abnormality, so we could not verify what happened afterward”

And, offer me 30% discount for Mavic 2 zoom.

I have no idea why it’s happened,

But I found something weird, that’s why I’m posting here.

If anyone who has idea, I need your help…:sob:

1, flight record shows 85%(around) battery.

2, But KML file shows, 50% which I remember when the flight.

I fly this place every day, as my job is progress report of construction site.

I understand what DJI said, since the data suddenly cut out.

But for my self, it’s same thing happened to me. Right few second after the last info, it falls out from the sky.

I wonder if anyone who knows about this.

Thank you for reading.

Update 1

I found that the information of battery on flight recorder, is kept 84% all the way from take off, till the last.

And KML file, is follow actual info of what I remember. 52% when takeoff, and 40% when out.

If this saying, my case if caused to battery, is it under warranty issue?

(I’m now 7 month from purchase.)

I will ask this one question. Where do you see this in the KML? I will agree with DJI that there is not enough data to say either way, however, I do not see this. IMO…( and I am only guessing from the lack of data ), that you had a battery cell crash and shut down. This would not be a warranty issue. Your cell values were extremely low, which would say that the battery was not fully charged or balanced prior to takeoff.


Thank you for your reply.

And I’m sorry I was my misunderstanding, It’s KMZ() file not KML.

The battery was 52% when I take off, I remember it was the second flight that day, with this same battery.

By the way the battery balance which KMZ from the Log, below.

Sir, I know I have to study more about this wonderful aircraft but, I can’t believe my battery has shut down in the sky from 50% and less than 3min from take off, but without warning…?

Again, thank you for discovering, Im appreciate that I could learn how you see this case.
(I apologize I have many mistakes… )

Thank you.

That is only estimated percentage from what the FC has to work with from the battery info…
Here are your actual cells…for the entire flight.


Thank you very much for analysis.

So, Is this graph telling abnomability of battery?

Sorry im kept asking advice. I really want to know why i lost my best drone I ever had, and I still want to work with this aircraft.

Thank you.

The cells were somewhat out of balance, especially during control inputs. I can only take a guess, being that I am not that familiar with the M2, however, all things being equal, the shutoff point for a Phantom is approx a cell value of 3.2v. Taking that in to account and the fact that the MP2 battery is 200mv higher than a Phantom’s battery total. The shutoff value would be around 3.0v. You did approach that a couple of times, especially looking at cell #4. All of that said, notice below that it “appears” that the battery stopped reporting approx 4 seconds before the end of the data. There is really no way to know what actually occurred as DJI stated as well. However, that in mind, it does appear that it was a battery issue of some sort. You can see what I am referencing below…

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Oh wow… Your analyzing skills are fantastic… I never had that angle and view.

Thank you so much for keeping care my case.

The last conversation with DJI, that they’re stance is, “there’s completely nothing wrong in analysis data”

But now with your analysis, im approaching, "Yes there is something, Not nothing.

Im waiting their reply…

P, S

What my stance is, not only for replacement.

Im offering that I will purchase M2pro with original price + refresh.

If, DJI accept to replace M2z.

Because, I’m as consultant of construction, I’m sudgesting each site to own each drone, with one pilot in charge. So that they’re able to report every day.

But if, suddenly fall down, without reason, no fault, and no support from dji, i dont know what to tell…

My self as personaly, I only trust DJI quality.
I really wish i can recomand in big face to all my clients.

Sorry these are my personal matter. Just want to tell someone…

Thank you very very much to Fly_Dawg, will update shortly.