STROBON Strobe Lights for FVLOS (Forward VLOS)

While ago I learned about those miniature STROBON totally self contained lights . . . I meant to post something … . STROBON works GREAT! . . bought a couple more since and just wanted say it was part of the reason I developed FVLOS (Forward Visual Line of Site) . . I have officially had it accepted by Transport Canada in my SFOC Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs). With a STROBON I can fly my Mavic or P4P+ more than a mile away at night and during the day with a Forward Observer up to a 1/2 mile from an observer that may be a mile away from me depending on lighting conditions.
Thanks for the ideas that came from them . . especially if you invented these things. Explanation of FVLOS here with use of STROBON.
How Far Can You See a Drone

Here is some explanations ofFVLOS and Use of STROBONs

Great help site . . will keep following

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I love strobes and have bought strobon from england. I just bought one of these and it’s very bright with 2 white lights and one green and one red. Very bright cree leds.

Here is a video I did using the Firehouse ARC II (Strobe with 4 LED’s) showing at half mile and 1 mile away, could have easily gone further and still been able to maintain VLOS.

ARC II Strobes:
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