Strobon light mounts for the mavic pro

I was wondering if the clamps might vibrate loose while in flight ?

Are you referring to these mounts? If so, they won’t fall off mid-flight since they fit tightly around the Mavic arms.

Yes these mounts. I am always wonder what if. I am going to take her out for a flight in a few.
Thank you

No issues with my mounts at all … they work perfectly, fit snug and they don’t budge. Supplied by @msinger … good product. :+1:


Even though I knew I would have to be carful not to apply much stress while inserting the mounts on the arms, they broke after the second time… I went back to Velcro….

They should not break that easily if you’re just sliding the mounts onto the arms. If you physically pry the sides of the mount open, they will eventually snap off at some point (since they are made of plastic). The filament I’m using now is very strong, so they should not break easily.

Would you like me to send you a replacement set today?

Yes, four please…I am very happy with other products I bought from you.

Richard Ceballos
PO box 655
Scottsmoor, Fl. 32775

I’ll follow up with you via email.

I fly about 2-3 times a week usually 2 - 3 batteries and haven’t had any problems in about two months.

Why would you even want to fly your drone at night - Anyhow do you have a job doing search and rescue or something? I know you can fly them at night with the proper lighting system but I will stick to my day and evening shots!!! All the best and safe flying mate!

STROBON Cree lights can also be used to help spot the drone when flying during the day. They are much brighter than the lights on the Mavic Pro (or any other DJI drone).


Right on!!! I know all about cree led’s mate and yes they are the best!! I myself would have no need for them for any of the applications that I use my drone for…Different strokes for different folks. Safe Flying!!
All the best,

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