STROBON Cree mount for Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced (by Phantom Help)

The STROBON Cree strobe light is the brightest navigation strobe solution for drones. The LED light is visible from 3 miles away at night—making it compatible with latest FAA and CAA anti collision light rules for drones. The on-board battery lasts for 2+ hours of continuous use and can be recharged via a micro USB cable.



The lights can be easily attached to the Phantom using a strong Velcro product like 3M Dual Lock. For a cleaner mounting solution, they can be easily snapped to the landing gear of the Phantom 4 Pro or Phantom 4 Advanced using these mounts.



I like that mounting solution! How many do you need, facing how many directions, and does it interfere with the camera?

At the minimum, it would be ideal to have one mount facing forward and a second facing backward so you can see your Phantom when it’s facing any direction. If you mount a light on each leg (four mounts total), then it should be even easier to spot in the sky (especially during the day).

The lights should not interfere with the camera unless they are reflecting off of something in front of the Phantom (e.g. fog).

Wow! Those mounts look great! At present, I have my CREE Strobons mounted with 3M white industrial Velcro, just above the Phantom logo on the front and on the body of the VPS unit at the rear, below the battery aperture. It works well, but these mounts are far more elegant. Shame they won’t fit on 3A legs…

@Aerial-Pixel makes these Phantom 3 mounts for STROBON Cree lights.

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The mounts I sell fit the P3A and P3P legs, they look like this:

Their great. How much are they and can you post to the U.K.?
Cheers… Rob

I guess that’s a no then. I’ve tried to find your details on the web and failed.

@Aerial-Pixel, do you have shipping to the UK for your mounts? Your website only shows the “USPS International Decal Shipping” option. That seems to be too inexpensive for shipping mounts to the UK.

Thanks for your intervention, Mike.

Yes, I do, should just be USPS International Shipping option. The international decal shipping only works on decals. International Shipping for non-decal items is around $14 US for up to 8 ounces.