STROBON Cree light mounts for Mavic Pro (by Phantom Help)

The STROBON Cree strobe light is the brightest navigation strobe solution for drones. The LED light is visible from 3 miles away at night—making it compatible with latest FAA and CAA anti collision light rules for drones. The on-board battery lasts for 2+ hours of continuous use and can be recharged via a micro USB cable.



The lights can be easily attached to any Mavic Pro model using a strong Velcro product like 3M Dual Lock. For a cleaner mounting solution, they can be easily snapped to the Mavic Pro arms with these mounts.


The lights are fantastic. The plastic mounts I would give about a 7 out of 10. I
MHO they are a little flimsy. This is especially noticeable if you need to remove and replace them often.

Is there a particular section of the mount that seems flimsy? Have your mounts been damaged from removing and replacing them often?

They seem to lose their springiness after they are installed a few times. If I remember correctly I couldn’t fold the legs of the MP with the strobe mounts installed so I couldn’t get it back in the case. That’s why I needed to remove them.

That doesn’t seem right. I have some that I’ve removed 100+ times and they are still good as new. They are made of plastic, so you don’t want to stretch the mounts open further than needed when removing them from the arms. If any of your mounts are no longer able to stay securely attached, let me know and I’ll send you a replacement.

You can keep mounts attached to the front legs when folded. The mounts have to be removed from the rear legs since they face the body after the rear legs are rotated and closed.

I’ve just ordered 2 white, 2 red and 2 green plus mounts. I’m really looking forward to them arriving and being able to see my P3S and MP better, especially the latter. :eyes::+1:

My thanks to you @msinger … excellent product and service, I will update you when they arrive.

i use these lights — they are awesome!


Thank you for your order! Your package is on its way.

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Just edited my post … I should have told everyone where I ordered them from. Sorry :blush:

There seems to be many that agree @todd :+1:

These lights are great !! I got mine from firehouse technology. These people are great. Their customer support is second to none .

Maybe, but MSinger has them here for $8 cheaper, right? (Plus I cannot tell you the number of times he has pulled my RC a$$ out of the fire…) :slight_smile:

Well it sounds like we have two great places to get our gear from!

I went out for the first time with the lights on and both of the people I was flying with commented on them.One of them told me that he was going to get some lights for his drone, While my other friend told me that he wanted some for his boat and laughed.
I noticed that I could follow my drone more easy as I could see the flashing lights better. I know when people see them that is what what they want.

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