Streaming with RTMP, Mini doesn't want to connect to server


I have a mini 3 which I’m trying to connect the video stream to the Mona Server (RTMP). I have watched a couple of youtube examples as well as read on how this can be done.

I have the DJI N1 controller set up to send the rtmp stream to a Mona server on a Windows PC. I’m using the computer’s ip address and the /live to send to the server.


Also tried,


I also setup VLC on the computer and it easily connects to the rtmp server.

I’m using a Mini 3 with the N1 controller which is supposed to be able to rtmp via the DJI Fly app.

Any input would be appreciated. This is the final project for a student studying AI. She is planning on using the live streamed data to the PC to apply to a variety of AI models. I really need the drone to stream!


This isn’t such a common topic in the DJI community. Have you tried digging through Google searches?