Sport++ Mode

Okay so I mod’d my Spark via DJI Assistant 2 (tlit angle to 55) and now see 42mph no wind.
My P4a same setting are only getting 47mph no wind. What gives?

Your’e lucky to get that. P4= Larger, Heavier thus lower speed. Just to satisfy curiosity, any reason to fly at that speed? You are really stressing the airframe’s, which is especially dangerous and risky with sudden quick stops.

I received the P4a free, abit broken up and so far put $300 into it. I fly/flew the Spark mostly. but you are right with stressing the frame the picture is my “repair” before I bought new frames

For the record, I misjudged evidently. Specs are below:



However, the airframe stress point remains true.

Those are the values before you go in and do the “overwrite”

Its not hard but the little Spark is a blast to fly then, P4 not so much so. Just to big and heavy

Do what you enjoy then. Just too risky IMO. There are too many instances of loosing props, partially due to the heavy braking required to slow the aircraft. At least from the data I have seen and reviewed.

You can slow the braking as well to ease the stress just realise it will “float” more kinda like when in att mode

I realize that. However, point being the issue is one thing you should not do is attempt an immediate hard turn or attempt to stop the aircraft manually with an evasive stick action at high speed. Slowing the braking speed will help reduce the stress, but only if you completely release the sticks.

True, My goal was just trying to make it a little more fun to fly… well it is not working. Its just the wrong drone to be doing this kind of stuff