Splashed my MA2

After almost 3 years, I finally splashed it. Not sure exactly what I did wrong. Took off, flew out over the water. “Authorization Zone” warning almost immediately, but I had checked B4UFly before takeoff, not in any kind of warning zone. “Auto landing” warning 10 seconds in. Flew out a ways and decided to bring it home to double check the zone. Altitude about 20 feet. It said something about updating RTH along the way and then landed in the water.

Thanks for any input…guess I’ll be using my “Care+” coverage for a replacement.

This is the bottom line reason for the Auto Landing. First your home point was not set until ~20 seconds after takeoff. So there is no way to know “Precisely” how far the aircraft was from you at that point. You must have flown in to a No-Fly Airport Zone. DJI may deny your replacement due to that.
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Yes, I have gotten complacent. Took off without knowing I had a good GPS solution/RTH. Also did not fully understand DJI’s GEO zones. The airport I was near was about 1/2 mile away, uncontrolled, and the other side of a 200 ft. hill, but has a GEO zone. I have re-educated myself. Hope this can be a warning for others…

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