Specs for the P4P Plus Android tablet, in case any one is interested.

Not sure whet to put this, I’ll let you decide, Mike. May be old news to you, but I searched everywhere I knew and couldn’t find it. Thanks.
Ran CPU-Z on my Plus controller:

CPU-Z results for Phantom 4 Pro Plus RC Tablet
Rockchip 1.61GHz
Cores 4
Architecture 4x ARM Cortex-A17 @ 1.61 GHz
Revision r0p1
Process 40 nm
Clock Speed 126 MHz - 1.61 GHz
CPUO 126 MHz
CPU 1 126 MHz
CPU 2 126 MHz
CPU 3 126 MHz
CPU Load 13 %
GPU Vendor ARM
GPU Renderer Mali-T760
Android Version 5.1.1
API Level 22
Bootloader unknown
Build ID v0.4.1.1-e6bc92f6 release-keys
Java VM ART 2.1.0
OpenGL ES 3.1
Kernel Architecture armv7l
Kernel Version 3.10.0 (eng.dji.20180408.15132
Root Access No
System Uptime 00:06:46
Model GL300E (gl300e)
Manufacturer DJI
Brand dji
Board rk30sdk
Hardware rk30board
Screen Size 13.77 inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen Density 160 dpi
Total RAM 4012 MB
Available RAM 3209 MB (79%)
Internal Storage 2.91 GB
Available Storage 2.23 GB (76%)
Health Good
Level 91 %
Power Source AC Charger
Temperature 0.0 °C
Voltage 0 mV

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