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Spark wifi / internet connection problems with otg cable

When using the remote control with or without the cable it always says no internet available. also could someone explain the use with the cable or direct me to the answer. The phone has to be connected to the remote control via wifi even with the cable hooked up ? What am i doing wrong ?

That message is displayed when most mobile devices are connected to the remote controller’s Wi-Fi network. It’s normal and is just alerting you that the Wi-Fi network is not connected to the Internet. Most people connect to Wi-Fi networks to access the Internet, so that’s why that message likely exists.

You do not need to connect your mobile device via Wi-Fi when using an OTG cable. That’s one of the benefits of using an OTG cable. It allows one possible cause of interference to be eliminated.

If you need an OTG cable, here are a few that’ll work:

thank you msinger. I have the cable already from amazon. The no internet thing threw me a curve ball.

Put your phone in “Airplane” mode to keep the WIFI from interfering with OTG cable hookup and getting prompt internet.