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Spark setup and flying.

Each time I want to fly my Spark, do I need to scan the QR code??

The QR code is only scanned to activate and/or link the drone. After doing either of those things once, the drone will remember that it has been activated/linked.

Thanks for the reply. Here is my issue. I am using my Android cell phone connected to the controller. I power up the Spark. Turn on the controller. Opwn DJI GO 4 app.On the combo controller the RED light stays RED. My Android says RC Connected. Then Enter Device. Which eventually asks me to scan the RC controller QR code. What am I doing Wrong??

A solid red light on the remote controller means it’s not connected to the Spark. Try linking the remote controller to the Spark like this. If the linking is successful, the light on the remote controller should turn solid green.

Note: This can all be done with your mobile device disconnected from the remote controller.