Spark Motor Overload errors

Hi new to Forum, a few months ago decent crash indoors, lost GPS, ATTI mode, replaced the main frame, arm broke off, replaced camera cable, got severed, found a few motors that the bearings moved and the shaft was hitting the inside of the arm, i replaced 3 motors and still keep getting motor overload, it will not launch it starts to tilt on its side. I have uploaded the latest log showing motor overload errors, battery voltages in yellow, any guidance to get this Spark back in the air ? If I hold it in my hand and attempt launch all 4 motors whirl away but I expect it to crash right away.

I have downloaded the flight logs


And you uploaded these to…where? If you want others to look at your file we need to know where it is…

Sorry, did not know if this log stays up in the cloud.

I think you have an aircraft problem…did you notice in the log “0” Satellites? Among other issues…and I have not even looked at the full log…Overload errors are the least of your issues…