Spark lost connection, but didn't RTH point. Lost!

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I’m wondering if my fellow spark users can have a look at this and can clarify what happened. I Already have created a DJI support case and posted this same question on their forum.

I did 2 flights (2 batteries, around 60%) with my Spark + RC and Samsung S8 (flight mode, only RC wifi connection). Before take off I had to do a IMU and Compass calibration, which I did both succesfully. The software of the app, RC , battery and Drone were up to date.
The first flight went fine. Slowly taken off. Home point created. Acknowledge my attitude restrictions. Flew around a little bit, within the flight I lost my connection, it went to RTH mode, picked up the connection and continued twice. With the low battery indication I landed the drone next to me. Everything worked as expected.
The second flight same starting procedure, but this time when I lost my connection, it didn’t RTH point. The Drone was not far away (100 m. Height, 60 m. Distance), I couldn’t see it visually (I was looking at my screen), but I could hear it. Unfortunately the sound dissappeard as did my drone. I walked in the direction of the last known location of the drone, but my RC didn’t picked up any signal. The location of the Lost my Drone function was not accurate, at least I couldn’t fine it. So now my Drone is still lost.

Here is my first flight:

Here is my flight log where I lost the drone:

Any idea what happened?

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When your flight log ended, your Spark was flying at 20 MPH and heading in the direction of this red line:


It was also flying in some gusty winds (which were fortunately blowing toward the home point):


The only real issue I see is the battery voltage was at 3.4V while your Spark was at an altitude of 339 feet flying away at full stick in Sport mode. If the battery voltage dropped a volt or so quickly (maybe due to the combination of Sport mode and high wind gusts), it might have decided to auto land at its current location instead of returning to the home point. I’d recommend you try following along that red line to see if it landed somewhere along that line.

I didn’t see anything useful in your DJI forum thread, but here’s a link in case anyone else wants to review it:

Closing update:

DJI support acknowledged an error on their side, ‘a possible GPS module issue that lead to the incident’. They offered me a coupon for a replacement, which I used and now I have a new Spark that flies perfectly again.

Thank you for your help and a special thanks to the DJI support team in resolving this issue.

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DJI is very, very good about owning up to problems with their drones that are not operators fault. Kudos to DJI!!!


Agreed. From the stories I’m seeing on the Internet, they always seem to treat customers fairly (too fairly in some cases).