Spark jumping like a frog - need help to analyze fligh logs


New to the forum.
I’m facing take off problems with my spark.
It seems to struggles to gain altitude during take off, the damn spark keeps on jumping up and down like a frog.
I fly with an RC and always on GPS mode.
Please help to analyze the flight logs.
I need to know if it’s user error or there is something wrong with the drone.


Your flight log shows your Spark kept going into forced landing mode (where it auto lands). That happens when the downward sensors detect the ground is near while the throttle is in the full down position (which occurred a lot during your flight).

Was your Spark near the ground when it was trying to land? If not, do you have any 3rd party accessories installed near the bottom of your Spark?

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Msinger gave you the appropriate answer. If you notice the gray bars on this graph, these indicate autolanding due to being too close to the ground. The green line is your altitude. These lessen on the right side of the graph as you increase altitude. Nothing to be concerned with. Not sure if you can turn the VPS off on the Spark or not, but that would eliminate the issue. You don’t really need the VPS anyway IMO.

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The spark was just inches from the ground and keep on bouncing. I tried to auto land using dji go 4 app and the left joystick on the RC but it fails to land.
I don’t have any 3rd party accessories installed.

Thank you.

If you read the above information you will know why it does that.

Thanks a lot for the great analysis on my flight data.
I don’t think I can disable VPS on the spark.
Do you think I need to fly the spark with more than 10 satellites?

Right, you cannot disable that functionality. If you don’t want to land when the Spark is flying low, then don’t hold the throttle stick in the full down position.

Yes. 10+ satellites is a great idea if possible where you fly.

awesome, thanks guys.

A better criteria is gpsHealth or gpsLevel. Make sure it’s at least 4 (out of 5). gpsHealth is a measure of the confidence the flight controller has in the coords that it has computed from GPS data and IMU data.GPS

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