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Spark gone

My spark “disappeared” after signal lost. It said it was RTH but it didn’t. My bad but on the situation I forgot to take screenshoots. It was on automatic gohome mode when it lost the connection with the remote controller.
I went to the location it should be and didn’t find. I also gone to some building rooftop to look at it without success.

Any one know what can happened? I’m little sad because I was doing everything correct.

The Spark was set to return to home (as you said) and it did have plenty of battery power to make it back home after the signal was lost. I suspect you lost the signal when it flew behind one of those buildings. And if that happened, it likely crashed into a building on the way home since you had the RTH altitude set too low and it’s not able to avoid obstacles during RTH when it’s more than 100 m from the home point. Had you set the RTH altitude higher than all buildings in the flying area prior to take off, then I think it would have made it back home safely.

Thanks! It makes sense. I even tried to change the RTH attitude suspecting it could happen.

Yes, I can see you did that in the log. Unfortunately, that altitude still wasn’t high enough.

Yes. :pensive: Security guards let me go on the roof of the largest building. And I didn’t find anything there or on the floor. This is what I found most strange. Today I’m going back there trying again.

Something else to consider – since this is a heavily populated location, someone could have found it and picked it up.

It’s sad to think like that but it is also another possibility. :pensive: I considered too.