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Spark Fly Off?


I was wondering if someone could please have a look at a couple of flight logs for me? I’ve had my spark fly off a couple of times and I’m unsure why this is happening.

I’ve managed to regain control and fly my spark back. Is it something that i might be doing wrong? It looks like a speed/yaw error.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Was there anything metallic near your Spark between the time you powered it on and took off?

In your first log, it looks like you took off from a concrete driveway. Many concrete structures contain rebar.

Hi msinger,

Yes i took off from the car park at work.

That was likely the issue then. In order to prevent a situation like this, make sure you’re doing these checks before taking off:

thanks for the link. I will keep my eye out for that the next time i go out for a fly. :+1: