Spark flew off and is gone

On the 27 th of. July 18 I got my Spark started in regular way. Started the videocam and started flying in a slow pace. Then suddenly it accelerated beyond control. I looked on my screen and there was no WiFi contact anymore. When I looked up from my screen there was no visual contact anymore. Now I made a kml file from the flight record through the phantom help website. I try to open the file in google earth but there is no reaction whatsoever. Any clues how to get a visual on the flight?

Please post a link to your log from the Phantom Help website.

Since GPS was not being used for that entire flight, the log was not able to record the Spark’s current coordinates. So, there is nothing to plot in the KML.

Hmm, can you see wether the home point was set at the point where I got the Spark flying? May have to climb some trees in the vincinity of that home point.

The home point was not set. You can see that at 2.5s in your log.

Okay, thanks altogether for pointing things out! I will search other flightlogs where the last homepoint was set. Maybe in there is a chance of getting the Spark back.

I don’t see any homepoint set
I think you need 10 satellites to set a homepoint
you only had 6

I make it a rule, that if i dont have at least 11 sats, I dont take off, I wait. If I dont get them after a minute of waiting, I abort the flight. Genrerally once you get more altitude, you get more sats.

Atti mode is not much fun. You need to know how to fly a drone without GPS… I have had that experience, all the same, it’s not how the Spark is meant to be really. It’s a GPS camera platform.

This video series is great at helping a new pilot understand some of the tech at work… Dont be put off by the word Mavic in the title, its all the same with their drones.