Spark flew away on me.

I was flying my new spark for the 3rd time, first two times had no issues. This time however I received a lot of yaw and magnetic interference errors. Could someone take a look at my log and tell me exactly what went wrong and weather it was drone or pilot error. Thanks for any help you can provide.

At ~75 seconds, the aircraft experienced a YAW ERROR ( Basically a compass related issue ) and switched to ATTI mode as it should do. You also lost data transmission a few seconds later. That said however you still had manual control of the aircraft. You may not have experienced flying in ATTI mode previously. This mode has No GPS positioning and only maintains its altitude via the barometer. Since you lost data transmission, we really can’t tell what was going on until the last few seconds when signal returned very briefly. ( You did have control prior to that point however ) Either you steered the aircraft away from you, or it drifted in the wind until the last position where the battery appears to have shutdown.

The last transmission data shows the aircraft located as shown below. Either the auto-land completed or the aircraft fell from the sky after the battery depleted.

Thanks for that info. I had never experienced anything like that as it was my 3rd time flying it. I sent it into dji for repairs because it’s been acting strange ever since. I just wasn’t sure if it was my fault and dji would slap me with a hefty repair bill.

Generally speaking, compass errors, which include Yaw and Speed errors are related to compass calibration and the takeoff point. If you take off any place near any metallic object within a foot or so of the aircraft this can happen. This includes any unseen or unknown objects that may be in the ground, such as concrete re-bar and so forth.