Spark Drone Gone

Hi All,

Last weekend, while flying my drone I lost the control of it. The drone flew away, and stop answering to the controls. After looking at the logs, I can see a “Yaw Error” and “IMU heading error. Please restart the aircraft.; Yaw Error”.

Unfortunately, that happened over a lake so I think I lost it. Can you help understand what happened, please?

The logs can be find here:


After looking at this Data, it appears to me that this is mostly Pilot Error, except for the Compass Error and ATTI mode switch which it appears that you were not aware of. That being said, I do believe that there is one problem with the aircraft. There is no RC control data transmitted back from the aircraft. That missing, it cannot be determined if you simply allowed the aircraft to drift away in ATTI or if there was any attempt on your part to recover. Never fun to lose an aircraft.