Spark doesn‘t stop rising after take off, please help

hi guys,
my spark has a problem, i am not sure if it‘s about my settings or a functional error…
since the last 3-4 flights my spark doesn‘t stop rising after i take off, normally it stopped rising by 1.2m and set the home point but now it wont stop risinig… and after that when i try to land it (land button), it goes down really hard, and i have to stop it manually (joystick). had someone of you the sameproblem or knows a solution to that?

about me:
i am new in this forum and looking for help! i am a new user of drones, watched already a lot uf youtubetutorials and had 40-50 flights with my spark! actually on vacantion and would love to use the drone here and now this :frowning:

Possibly the ultrasonic height sensor is blocked. That would cause the Spark to continue to rise if you’re using auto takeoff.

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hi budwalker

thanks for your reply! is there a possibility to unblock this sensor?
or is it possible that is something with the atti mode?

thanks in advance

If you want to verify what @BudWalker is saying above, you can upload one of your recent TXT flight logs here. Look in the “VPS Altitude” column to see if it’s showing a low value while your Spark is not near the ground.

Normally, I see this happen when people are flying in foggy conditions or have some type of 3rd party accessory installed below the Spark. However, a dirty or damaged sensor could be a potential cause too.

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m[quote=“msinger, post:4, topic:2168”]
recent TXT flight logs
hi msinger
thanks for your post
i found out how to export the cvs file out of the dji go 4 app, but i can not watch the txt. file or upload it here because i don‘t find it in my iphone files. i have no pc with me, so i can‘t use itunes… :frowning:
is there a way to find the files on my iphone to upload it here?

i use no 3rd party accessoirs and it wasn‘t foggy at any time i tried it🙈

if a sensor is blocked or damaged, can i reconfigurate that or is there a possible solution to that?

No. You need to use iTunes.

You can visually look at the downward sensors to see if they appear to be blocked. If nothing is covering them, then that wouldn’t be the cause of your issue.

The Spark has no calibration process for the sensors, so calibration is not an option.

Did you crash or drop your Spark? If so, that could have caused damage to the sensors. I’m assuming you would know if that happened.

If none of those things seem to be the cause, then taking a look at one of your flight logs would be the best thing to do. The flight log might contain information that explains what happened.

I now had the possibility to upload my txt flight records. And in the VPS Altitude column it is always showing a ver low value, nearly always zero ft… At this flight it wasn’t foggy or something else, it was on normal street ground. Does this mean my sensor is damaged?

If it’s 0.0 that means that vps data is unavailable - like what would happen if the AC is too high for vps to work. If it’s always a very low number (but not 0.0) but the AC is higher than, say 20 meters, that would indicate the vps sensor could be blocked or otherwise malfunctioning.

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