Some Mavic Pro 2 MP4 files unplayable

I have a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom. Every 6th or so video my drone creates (all MP4 videos) are unplayable.

What can I do to stop getting unplayable videos…this is a serious waste of my flying time.


Do you mean the video just won’t play ?
In your “finder”“explorer” look to see the file size… does it actually have MB of content.
Sometimes we trigger the shutter button too fast and it turns record on then off… (just a thought)
The other thing is… don’t turn off the drone/battery if you still have a card in recording - the file won’t be closed and it will be near impossible to fix it.

Always use your drone to format the SD card…
Just deleting files off the card does not erase them, you need to empty trash as well.

First thing to do is to determine if it is the card… try another card, make sure it is rated for the camera.
Try to see what settings are in effect and if those “unplayable” ones were under different settings… ie. H.265 or H.264.

Intermittent faults are the hardest to determine… good luck mate

Thanks for your reply, Pirate. My answers:

  • Won’t play
  • Yes. The files are normal size
  • Please detail what you mean by ‘trigger the shutter button too fast’?
  • Are you saying that if I’m still recording when I power off the drone that could cause the problem?
  • I’ve tried a few cards. Checked for rating. Spent a _P_retty penny to get the right one. So…hopefully card type isn’t the problem. I got what I think is the fastest card available with LOTS of space. How can I be sure I got the right card? (This has happened on each card since I bought my drone almost a year ago.)
  • I will format my card using my drone.
  • What settings are you referring to? Are they for the video files or the card or something else? And how can I find them.

Thanks MUCH for your thoughtful reply!


Never mind… because you say the files are present, but unreadable. So, turning off the drone/pulling the battery without stopping recording… may be a problem, but it would only affect one file, the last one you were recording… all the previous files would have been closed properly…

Those are the two choices for codecs, no never mind that… don’t know what I was smoking when I said that…

Just for s&g though I would try another card and see if it happens again…
Then I would just do a series of videos with the drone on the table pointing at a static target, stove top or something… and record 10-12 10 sec clips to see if you can replicate it and to see if there is indeed a paternities, as you say, every 6th clip.