Some data types are not correct in Flight Log CSV file


I obtain flight log csv file with converter. However, when I open it with excel, some data are date type even it is not date. They are not seperated with comma as well, they are like normal xlsx format. However, if I try to read it with python and pandas, its columns are not correct.

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Can you share an example to show what you’re describing?

@msinger you can download it from https:// www. phantomhelp .com/ logviewer/ 0Z6GZBLBXT7GY062JQUU/
When I look at latitude column, I see it as a 37589654 for example. Or when I look at altitude, I see date of today.

Note: please remove empty spaces from link, the syste does not let me to share the link.

Are you by chance using a Windows region where a comma is the decimal symbol instead of a period? If so, that would explain why 37.589654 is being treated as 37589654 when the CSV is viewed on your computer.