So My Mavic just crashed

My mavic just went down üüff

Now my IMU is broke i think maxed out at almost 16 k Z ( does some one know a way to fix it )

can some one help me

If you can supply the flight log we can assist you. Otherwise photo’s, video’s and other are useless.
You can upload your .txt log to the link below and share a link back to that and we can take a look.

Log Viewer

I Reset every thing was thinking its software … so i have no logs

Its not the Problem why it went down , the problem is how to fix the IMU

Then you need to specify that in your post. You said nothing about “repairing” the IMU.

edit** Mb

Why do you believe the IMU is broken?

in the Screenshot you can see that the Z is on 16.0000 i dont think that shoud be …

Well, as was requested previously. We can’t help you much without the log file.