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So many errors on a boat

I had a Phantom 3 advanced and was able to always take off from the same boat and not get any errors
Now with my mavic pro the last couple times I get errors like calibrate compass or IMU needs initializing, or strong magnetic interference or calibrate front vision sensors and can not take off.
Twice I landed on deck and held down throttle to shut off and it takes off again in circles.
I take it to the beach and all is well.
I’m guessing the boat motors and generator are the culprit?
Is the MP that sensitive?
I was able to get one quick whale video. I had the camera protector on since I wasn’t sure if it would crash on deck again. I’ll never video with it again

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Yes the new small drones are very sensitive, much more so that the good old P3A (which I have) and any large lumps of iron in the vicinity, and certainly a generator which has strong magnetic fields associated with it, will interfere with the drone.
Don’t know how big the boat is but if you’re desperate you could go as far away from the engines/generators as possible, up in to bows maybe, and hand launch/retrieve from there? (mind your fingers🤣)

Lol, ya it’s big enough.
I tried going to the front and it tried taking off by itself after i started the motors.
It’s kind of random what errors come up or if it wants to fly.
This was taken with my P3A. No problems

Blimey, with a yacht like that thought you’d have your own helicopter for taking pictures instead of mucking about with toy drones!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
I see there’s a large winch at the front so more metal, and a shed load of electronics, Radar etc, again huge source of interference.
I’d be delighted to come on board and act as your personal launcher​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Try taking off from the dinghy! :smile:

Now that’s a good idea, get into dinghy, cast off and float away with your drone! When finished, tie the dinghy painter to drone and it’ll tow you back to yacht in time for cocktails​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Sorry, couldn’t resist! The last boat of that size I was on sank - I was in the submarine service​:sunglasses::+1:

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That’s dope as f OP! Awesome video bro.

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Here’s a great video with the P3A. No errors.

Found a good deal on a Phantom 3 Advanced
It’s like going back in time but I know it works