So help me decide...

I am looking to up my game a little from the Spark to Drone “X” … I am leaning towards the M2Zoom, because I am interested in the zooming more than the extra $500 for the photography features. I have been reading about the fly-aways, and of course, coming from the Spark world, this is a frequent thing, mostly because of user error, but also perhaps poor design/corner cutting in the tech.

I have read loads of positive things about the M2 series, and will have the funds later this year, so my mind is nearly made up, but I like to err on the side of caution.

Overall, what is the opinion of you pundits here about the reliability of the M2 series when in the hands of someone who pays attention to detail and protocol? Like perhaps in relation to little old Sparky… or just as it stands on its own. I’ve looked at things like the Anafi and other brands, but cut my teeth on DJI… hard to decide. Thanks

It’s just as reliable as DJI’s other drones.

Want to know what really causes flyaways? Read this guide:

Prevent a Crash or Flyaway with Your DJI Drone (The Complete Guide)

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I think if the statistics were available, disappearing DJI product numbers would lean pretty heavily toward pilot error.

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Something I am not clear on coming from the Spark world of Go4, does the wifi channel section of Go4 look the same and have the same function as viewing same on the Mavic 2? I am trying to understand the control function differences between the two… know about Spark’s wifi implementation, but is Occusync the only control method, or is that just for the downlink for video?

The video transmission system uses Wi-Fi.

Sorry, but I was referring to the M2 - I have the spark and am familiar with its lack of occusync!:blush:

The Mavic 2 uses OcuSync 2.0 for the video transmission system (the downlink). The uplink is 2.4GHz or 5.7GHz.

Thanks Mike, hard to find a good explanation of the differences. So what about the control system (flight control from remote to ac)

That’s the uplink.

Okay, so the video system is less prone to interference, but the control signal would be susceptible to the same evils as a spark or air correct?

Right. All DJI drones use 2.4GHz and/or 5.7GHz for the RC operating frequency.