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I find navigating this site to be extremely confusing… What is the connection/relationship with Disqus? I have a signin to both sites. Why are comments to help articles not in the forum? If you start in the home page are and then select the forum view- how do you get back?? Why is the forum totally different looking than the rest of the site?

This has nothing to do with the wealth of information on site. This is a gold mine of information and help.

They are completely different entities.

Disqus is a commenting system. I use it to allow people to comment directly inside of an article (rather than linking out to a forum thread).

This site is a forum. It runs on Discourse (which is why it looks like Discourse). While it’s skinnable, I don’t know that attempting to match the look of the Phantom Help site (or my other done sites) would add any benefit.

Since they exist in a different system (Disqus), it would be hard to pull them in here.

Use the back button in your web browser or open the links in a new tab so you can easily switch back to the previous page.