Signal Quality in Logs


Is it possible to show the signal strength for RC and video from the logs?


@BudWalker, do you know if this data is stored anywhere in the logs?

If I am not mistaken, the P4’s and Mavics also create a device .dat file along with the .txt log file. More detailed than the .txt, but less so than the aircraft .dat. I am 90% positive the signal levels are included in that file. Bud can probably tell you for certain.

DatCon computes an uplink (RC to AC) signal quality that is expressed as a percentage. The signal name is RC:sigStrength. This value is available only for the AC .DAT and not the tablet .DAT.

thanks to all!
will check the DATCON and revert

I guess this will be created on the device attached to the remote right?

No, the sigStrength is only available on the AC .DAT. It’s a measure of the uplink (RC to AC) signal quality.

so this can be taken from the drone when connecting it to the PC?
Or it is on the SD card?

Take a look here

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